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"SuperAfrican is a hard-hitting, soulful, yet melodic explosion captured on twelve, pulsating tracks. If color possessed a sound, it would closely resemble the tunes bleeding through collective speakers as they belt out the Super African record." - Jarrett Johnson, AFROPUNK

"The Kenyan-born, longtime SF-based singer-songwriter-producer Sila Mutungi uses the term Afrofunk to define his music, but the list of influences that announce themselves on his new record, SuperAfrican, is an impressively long one: There's Sly Stone-esque funk, to be sure, but there's also jazz, more than a little R&B, Latin-infused guitar, bright, big band horns, almost maniacally shouted choruses, and a vibe that pays homage to the country of his birth. " - Emma Silvers, San Francisco Bay Guardian

1. Walk Away
2. Superafrican
3. Emotions
4. I Want It All
5. Out Of Time
6. Dancefloor
7. Don't Wanna Be Here
8. Hurricane (Dangerous)
9. The Way It Goes
10. Sexy Girls
11. Love The Way You Dance (dance)
12: Raindrops